HUD Contunuum of Care Program Funding Notice


      2014 Continuum of Care FUNDING ANNOUNCEMENT

The Jackson County Homeless Task Force serves as this area’s Continuum of Care.  “Continuum of Care” is  the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) designation for collaborative applicants seeking funding for homeless housing and services.   The Task Force wants to alert the community of the 2014 Funding Announcement released by HUD.

FY 2014 CoC Program Funding Notice Announcement

HUD announced the CoC competition funding, OR-502 was funded for our full request, including the Planning Project.  Looks like Home At Last and Woodrow Pines received a little bit of additional funding. From HUD:

OR-502 – Medford/Ashland/Jackson County CoC

FY14 Planning Project Application CoC $4,451 (request was for same amt)

Home At Last Renewal 2014 CoCR $138,688 (request was for $137,727)

Hope House 2014 CoCR $50,956 (request was for same amt)

Transitional Housing CoCR $118,295 (request was for same amt)

Woodrow Pines FY14 Renewal (ACCESS FY15) CoCR $11,530 (request was for $11,423)

OR-502 Total : $323,920 (request was $318,401)

The results of the Bonus Project request was not announced yet. (Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland for $53,392) Typically, these get awarded after the CoC renewal projects.

 Congratulations, great work helping the homeless in our community!

CoC Grant Funding Process:

In Jackson County, any organization wishing to submit a proposal for funding to provide permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals or families completed a pre-application that was reviewed by the Homeless Task Force membership.  New projects were rated and ranked with other projects which are seeking renewal.  Current CoC projects include Salvation Army’s Hope House, Access’ Woodrow Pines, Community Works’ Transitional Living Project and Rogue Valley Council of Governments’ Home At Last.

All submitters made short presentations about their proposed projects at the Homeless Task Force meeting, Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at 2231 Table Rock Rd, Medford.  Approved projects completed the federal HUD application on line by 5 p.m. October 27, 2014.

For additional information about the process, call Donna Lea Brooks at ACCESS:  541-774-4330.



2014 HUD CoC NEW PSH Pre-Application- FINAL

2014 HUD CoC RENEWAL Pre-Application- FINAL



2014 HUD CoC RENEWAL Scoring Criteria



This webinar provides an overview of the FY 2014 CoC Program Funding Notice. The webinar also provides CoCs and Project applicants with information on budget limitations and implications that CoCs, the Permanent Supportive Housing Bonus, and the selection process. It also covers the FY 2014 Project Application process and the CoC Priority Listing.

Training slides: FY-2014-CoC-Program-Funding-Notice-Slides