Project Community Connect

Project Community Connect is coming!

Project Community Connect June 2, 2017 at the Medford Armory, 1701 S. Pacific Hwy. and services available.

Project Community Connect date, place and services available.



Project Community Connect started here in 2009.  Each year over 50 local Southern Oregon agencies and organizations bring vital services to help people struggling to make ends meet. This happens with a small budget of around $10,000 – we keep it low so it can be sustainable. We want to be able to  raise the money and resources to do it every year for as long as it’s needed.

Upwards of 450 people attended that first year.  More than 500 people came to the event in May of 2013 and the next year in June over 400 walked through the doors. In May of 2015 we had the biggest year to date with over 770 people coming in for help. In 2016 we relocated temporarily to the Jackson County Expo where over 500 people came for services. But success is not measured by how many walked through the door.  This day is created with the hope of building a circle of support for all those who want to make positive change in their lives.

It takes a lot of people to make a project like this work. Too many to list. There are organizations that provide a large piece of the financial support – these are our title and major sponsors:







An amazing group of people meet all year to plan and prepare for Project Connect.  The current members of this group are:

Ashley Hughes (Teresa McCormick Center), Carrie Prechtel (211info), Cassie Rose (Community Volunteer Network), Christie Van Aken (Housing Authority JC), Connie Wilkerson (United Way of Jackson County), Corie Nunes (Rogue Community Health), Dave Fulton (RVTD), David Christian (Community Volunteer), Jan Sanderson Taylor (United Way of Jackson County), John Gallo (OR DHS SS), Lilia Caballero (Medford Police Dept), Lynette VanDusen (VA SORCC); Mike Bowman (RVTD), Mike Whitfield (Rogue Valley Veterans and Community Outreach), Sharon Madera (Rogue Community Health), Tami Askren (La Clinica), and Will Holmbeck (Men’s Gospel Mission).

There are many ways to be involved in

Project Community Connect.


If you’re late getting started, no worries – please contact us at or, to sign up to provide services. If it’s at all possible, we will include you.


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Download, print, scan and email your Volunteer and Sponsor registration or application to:

Vendor/Service Provider applications email to

or mail to PO Box 1087 Medford, Oregon 97501


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