Latinx/o/a Interagency Committee

Initiated as the Hispanic Interagency Committee in 1989 by Milo Salgado as  a program committee of  Jackson County Community Services Consortium, the Latinx/o/a Interagency Committee, has evolved and grown considerably in participation in recent years. LInC enjoys a monthly attendance of 35-40 individuals and organizations.  


Mission StatementTo serve as an inclusive space for community agencies to create, improve and bridge services and

opportunities for the advancement of the Latinx/a/o community in Southern Oregon.


Latinx/o/a Interagency Committee (LInC) Goals:

♦ To meet monthly for the purpose of exchanging ideas and identifying needs.♦ To encourage agencies to become more accessible and responsive to the needs of the Latinx community of the Rogue Valley.♦ To assist agencies in providing equal services for people of all races and cultures.♦ To promote services through joint outreach and awareness.♦ To enhance services, rather than duplicate them.

Committee Chair:

Lilia Caballero, Cultural Outreach Coordinator, City of Medford Police Department. 

The Steering Committee:

Lilia Caballero; founding member, Milo Salgado; Kathy Keesee, Swindells Center and UNETE; Carrie Prechtel, COMMON THREAD LLC;  and Jonathan Chavez- Baez, Assistant Director, Latino/a/x Outreach & Support, Southern Oregon University


Meeting Schedule

♦ Second Wednesday of the Month.♦ 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Location: NOTICE: Because of COVID19 meetings are virtual since April 2020.

George Prescott Community RoomMedford Police Department219 S. Ivy St. Medford, OR 97501



Includes time for participant networking, agency and program announcements, and guest speakers who present topics of interest to the organizations than serve the Latinx community. 

We welcome participation from any individuals or organizations seeking to advance the mission of the Latinx/a/o Interagency Committee (LInC).

For more information or interest in being on the agenda Contact Lilia through the contact form below.


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