2016 Project Community Connect Highlights

The 2016 Project Community Connect 64 event volunteers and 53 organizations provide help for 513 people wanting to get their life situations stabilized and moving in positive directions. This year Project Community Connect happened at the Expo; a beautiful, welcoming setting.


Oregon Department of Justice Child Support team at 2016 Project Community Connect.

Oregon Department of Justice Child Support team. Ready to help folks find alternatives.

For some, progress is removing legal issues like parking tickets or fines for minor infractions that have blocked progress. Thousands of dollars in fines not involving restitution were set aside by Judges, Greif, Barnak and Ravassipour with help from our DA, Public Defenders, the Child Support Division, Judge Charter’s office, Legal Services, the DMV and others working alongside them. They stayed an hour and a half past closing time, seeing all who were motivated and determined enough to remain.

For others getting a birth certificate to establish identity is the first step. RVVCO is making that connection. Medical, dental and mental health care services screened and helped many. 50 eye examinations were provided by Medical Eye who gave out more than 20 prescription pairs of glasses. One man was overcome with emotion as he found himself able to see clearly after years of blurry vision.  Veterinarians treated more than two dozen pets for fleas, grooming issues, and administration of rabies vaccinations. People found support looking for jobs, housing, financial, and food assistance.


A hearty home made lunch of vegetarian chili, barbeque chicken, fruit salad, and green salad with musical entertainment brought everyone together as one community.

Lunch is served at 2016 Project Community Connect.

Christie Van Aken, long time volunteer and others serving lunch.

2016 Project Community Connect family.

Project Connect family.

2016 Project Community Connect Veterans team.

Project Community Connect Veteran with volunteer coordinator Lynette Van Dusen of the VA SORCC.